Tuesday, September 13

Recycling Containers for Water Play

We have always had a water play tub which is stored under our kitchen island. It is filled with lots of fun recycled containers, sponges, and kitchen gadgets which my daughters love to use, especially during the winter months. Here are a few recent additions to the water play tub, using recycled containers and the concept of "holes."

This one was a little plastic pitcher that was missing a top. It had been sitting in the cupboard for a long time. I decided it would be perfect for drilling a hole into and inserting a straw.

For this container, I used scissors to cut two small holes, the size of two corks.

And lastly, I used a drill to make holes completely around this recycled container.

All three of the containers were a big hit with both my daughters.

My youngest daughter liked the idea of being able to direct the water with the straw.

The corks worked as plugs and were fun to pull out.

And the container with all the holes was like a fountain. I love it when they can have this much fun and it didn't cost a thing!


Kylie said...

Great idea! My son would love this!

Julie said...

Great ideas to liven up water play! I'm sure these would keep my 3 year old interested for longer than just pouring and scooping.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the ideas, my daughter is going to love it! You are so inspirational.

Mommy Evolution said...

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