Thursday, September 15

Montessori This Week

I usually try to put together Montessori lessons or any other activity after my daughters are asleep. I find that once they see me getting into materials, closets, etc., they want to get involved too. This weekend I neglected to get together some Montessori activities for the week so I found myself, Monday morning, going through the closet and putting things together. As a result my daughter picked mostly old favorites she wanted to do.

This activity was new to my youngest daughter. I tried the golf tees, styrofoam and hammer before but found it so messy. This time I cut smaller pieces of styrofoam and used a tray with a good edge. It actually is working well and one of her favorites. I also cut about 5 more styrofoam pieces that sit on the shelf next to the tray so that once the used one has reached it limit she can easily get a new one.

(This is really as messy as it got.)

Mystery bag- two of each shape, one in the bag, the other held in the hand. We took turns finding the matches.

Open and Close- she insisted on this activity because she loves the little dolls that hide inside. I need to come up with a more challenging version. (Maybe for next week!)

In addition to this we also used a metal inset and knobless cylinders for stacking.


carine said...

Thanks for sharing!

Candy said...

This is an amazing activity - so simple and I know my son would love it. I just started following u on twitter and tried to send u a message to ask u where u got the styrofoam block from - but it won't let me send a message unless ur following me. Did u just save styrofoam from when u got it in a box/package or did u buy this somewhere? I want to set this activity up for him asap! Can u pls email me? - my name is Candy - thank u!

Amy said...

Candy- I had the styrofoam saved from a package. I have also seen this activity done with hammering golf tees into a block of clay, but I haven't tried it that way. I know you can buy styrofoam at crafts stores so you might want to check Michael's or JoAnn's.