Wednesday, September 21

Out on the shelf this week

This new set of activities were put on the shelves early this week. Between playing and helping me with housework (she is getting so good at folding laundry!), my youngest daughter can be found choosing these activities from the shelves to work on.

This is a dropper, colored water and wax paper activity.

The dropper allows for making many small water bubbles on the wax paper but when dropped close together they merge into one large bubble. Very fun.

The bubbles can also be slid around the wax paper by slowly dragging the dropper through them. And lastly, the water bubbles can be sucked back into the dropper and put back into the bottle, leaving very little to get wiped up with the sponge.

I set out a number of different sized lids for tracing circles.

Here is the garlic press, sponges and water activity. Details can be found in this post.

Contents: squash seeds, colored purple rice, green glitter, apple seeds,
green colored rice, elbow pasta, red colored rice, pink tissue paper
tinfoil circles, yarn, blue tissue paper and green tissue paper

This is the most enjoyed activity that is out. This mini muffin tin, turned collage tray holds all sorts of fun materials for collage making. I put squares of poster paper next to the tray on the shelf. We use white glue in a very small jar (the sponge stuck into the top serves as a cover) and the glue is applied with a paint brush. The sponge (for wiping sticky messes) and the paint brush get washed off after the activity is done. All of the glueing is done on a plastic cutting mat.

I don't even remember how many collages have been made, but both of my daughters enjoy the process every time. I think the collage tray (contents rotated periodically) will be on the shelf for long while!


Olives and Pickles said...

Love every single tray!

Stephanie said...

Wow really great work trays! I cat wait to try a few with my girls!!!!

melissa said...

What fabulous ideas! I am definitely filing these away for later. I especially love how you have organized that collage tray. It's so visually appealing on the tray - I can only imagine the depth of creativity it inspires.

Kellie said...

Great ideas! I love your blog.