Thursday, May 26

Bubble Fun With Kitchen Utensils

We experimented with bubbles and kitchen utensils on one of the sunnier days we had this week. Bubbles are always fun for my daughters but they really enjoyed trying out some new ways of blowing bubbles. In fact, they enjoyed it so much they went through an entire giant bottle of bubble solution and made bubbles for about an hour.

Here are the kitchen tools we used for making the bubbles. Cookies cutters, particularly the ones with some sort of handle, a spatula, a small whisk (easier than a large one for getting the solution onto the whisk) a slotted spoon, and a baster with the top removed. (I tested them all beforehand to make sure they would work.)

I put the bubble solution into a shallow container large enough for both of them to use at the same time.

The cookie cutters and biscuit cutters worked really well. The larger the better.

They really produced a lot of good sized bubbles.

The baster was a fun one to blow into and watch the bubbles come floating out. My daughters dipped the large end (the end where the bulb had been removed) into the solution and then blew on the other end.

The spatula was a big success. It was placed into the dish of solution and then could be blown on to make lots of bubbles at once.

Not the best picture, those bubbles move fast and so do my children! But trust me it worked well.

My oldest daughter really enjoyed holding the spatula and spinning around to produce the bubbles. Not to mention swatting her sisters bubbles with the spatula. (Which reminds me, I've also heard fly swatters work great for bubbles too , we haven't given that a try yet.)

The little slotted spoon made lots of smaller bubbles and was just as fun.

And lastly, not a kitchen utensil but, we tried our hand at making bubbles with weeping willow branches. After they were soaked a bit, they were very flexible and could be held and submerged in the bubble solution.

They made the biggest bubbles of all. Next time I think we'll try some bubble making with string and sticks, it looks like a lot of fun.


Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

So fun, my son loves bubbles and I think the next sunny day we get we are so doing this!
Thanks for sharing.

Umm Umamah said...

Wow thanks.... my lil one has been asking for bubbles a lot lately... but we just hadn't had favorable weather at all. Waiting for a nice sunny day. I was wondering do you only use store bought bubble solution or do you make your own? Curios to find a good bubble recipe :)My kids LOVE any kind of DIY stuff
PS Really like your blog :)

Stephanie said...

We did this last summer and the girls LOVED it! The other thing that we used that was fun was a make it your self foam maker! Basically you cut the bottom off of a water bottle, then put a piece of washcloth on the end with a rubber band. Then you dip the cloth end in bubbles, and blow through the top! It makes HUGE bubble snake.

Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

Fun ideas - we'll have to try them sometime!

Amy said...

The foam making sounds fun too, we'll have to try that.

We've always used store bought and haven't tried making our own solution yet. Since the bubbles were such a hit (and summer's only just begun) I think we need to find a recipe though!

Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree said...

This is a Great post! I've seen this done before, but thanks for the reminder to try it! I know my daughter will Love it! I shared this on FB!

jk said...

I hadn't thought of using kitchen utensils for bubbles - but I love the idea. The kids would love this - always looking for new and different ideas!

Counting Coconuts said...

What fun! I love finding new ways to use the materials we already have. Thanks for sharing this post! I've featured it on my Counting Coconuts Facebook page. :)

Lisa said...

Great, great ideas!!! Thank you.

Eddie said...

A very timely post - I'm about to teach a couple of weeks' worth of bubble science. We will definitely include your ideas! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Edward said...

Allowing these young minds to learn more about these tools. Fun way to do so.

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