Thursday, November 18

A Seasonal Backdrop for Play

To inspire a little creative play I made this seasonal backdrop with our playstand. I cut the pieces out of felt and sewed them on for a fall scene. Sun, leaves, wind, and clouds will be good to last us until mid-December when I plan to make a winter backdrop. I am already excited thinking about it. If we didn't have a playstand I could see hanging a curtain like this from a window and setting up people, animals, rocks and sticks on the windowsill or even attaching it to a wall just above floor level.

The backdrop sits in a newly created corner in a sunny location just perfect for play.


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

What a sweet little sunny corner--
the girls and I want to come play too! : )

pink and green mama

Anonymous said...

I love it! Can I come over and play? lol

Unknown said...

This new back drop is to adorable. Im going to do this with my puppet stand. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just love this. I will make one to back on to my little ones fabric bookcase and create nook.
Pics like this have be longing for more pictures about how you lay out the main areas of your home. Would you mind sharing?
Thanks! Jackie in Toronto

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea. Your backdrop is lovely. I just read your comment on my other blog about my children's stories. I have artwork to go along with these stories that you will find on my blog and on my flickr.

Please feel free to copy whatever you would like. If there is a special artwork that you would like, just let me know and I'll e-mail you the JPEG.

I love your blog, and now I will go and explore some more. So nice to meet you.


Unknown said...

This is a fantasic idea. We don't have playstands (or the space), but I immediately thought of the same thing as you--that it could be done in another spot. I'm now thinking of making something like this for a space in our home. Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy said...

It is so nice to read all these lovely comments and I certainly would invite you all over! I'll try to share more pics for you Jackie either here or on flickr. And Karen, glad you found the blog and I am looking forward to sharing your story soon, I'll go check out that artwork now.

The girl who painted trees said...

That is fantastic!