Wednesday, October 5

Art on the shelf this week

Here are two activities that I have out on the shelf for use this week, both having to do with leaves.

Because we don't have one of those cool rainbow stamp pads, I chose to use paint for making multicolored leaves. We have a foam leaf stamp (good because it can be washed off after), a small paint brush, a jar for washing the brush after each color is applied and a sponge for brush dabbing and mess wiping. My daughters just dip the brush into the paint and apply to various areas of the stamp.

The leaves are very colorful and different every time paint is applied onto the stamp. I supplied large paper so that the stamp could be used multiple times.

Our playstand is set up for fall and it is the perfect spot for the googly eyed leaves I saw over at The Magic Onions last week. They are so simple and fun to make that I set up a tray for making them on the activity shelf.

We've been collecting and pressing leaves. I added some to the tray along with googly eyes, a hole punch (for a mouth) a small container of glue, and a small brush for applying the glue. We have these little leaf peepers all over the house!


Michelle said...

What great activities...I love the leave peepers!

Mille idee al nido said...

Ciao Ami. We have nominated your blog on our blog. We will follow you always and thanks for all the ideas you share with the world!

Amy said...

Thank you for you very kind comments! So happy you enjoy the blog.

Unknown said...

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