Sunday, July 10

Craft: Sail Boat Creating

Our nature table has been overdue for a change, so we made little seashell sail boats to put at the nature table for July.

To make the sails I cut a diamond shape from paper and my daughters decorated with crayons.

We then used glue and folded it in half onto the toothpick. A ball of beeswax was used to attach it to the shell.

My daughters wanted to see if they actually would float so we set up a dish with water. They floated and then sank. Maybe we used too much beeswax? Next, we then decided to make beeswax boats that would stay afloat.

Outside we got a large pan of water, added sand, branches (with a beeswax base and rocks to hold them upright) and floated the boats.

With a little wind they were sailing in no time. Flower petals and more sand and rocks were added creating the perfect setting for the boats.


Natalie said...

These boats are precious. I also love the way you all created a little world for them in the tub of water. Beautiful.

ReadyOrNot said...

Great idea to try with shells! You should stop by and link your idea to my seashell craft share on my blog!