Monday, April 18

An Outdoor Play Addition

This is a newly added feature to our outdoor play area that my daughters are really loving.

A stump and a long board was all that was needed to create an experience with gravity, balance and fun.

We have two set up in our backyard and now that they are familiar with them they run from one to the next.

We've established the rule: One at a time, so no one gets hurt.

Like most children, my daughters love walking on objects that require balance because of the challenge it provides. This skill in addition of the movement of the board makes this activity even more fun.


Olives and Pickles said...

great activity!

mamaTAVE said...

Balance boards are great!
I see that you have a hatched egg on your nature table as well. :-) Fun stuff.

Unknown said...

Inspired as always!

Unknown said...

Oh what fun! Just found your blog through the recommendation of Play-Based Classroom. Would love if you would consider coming over to link up some of your wonderful ideas at tomorrow's Outdoor Play Party.