Friday, January 21

Creating Miniatures From Nature

On our craft day we created a couple of miniatures for play using natural objects including sticks, field grass and walnuts.

First we made a broom. We used the long thick field grass that can be seen sticking up through the snowy field outside, for the bristles of the broom. We tied them around a thin stick using embroidery thread. We then slide the bristles off the stick, added a little glue and slide the them back on.

We made one broom for the farm and one broom for the rabbit family who lives in the dollhouse. (And yes, she wears that creation on her head most of the time too!)

We also used a collection of walnut shells (I leave a basket on the toy shelf for play too), to make little baskets or buckets.

To make these, I first removed any sharp pieces from inside the shell. I then drilled two holes on the sides of the shell (drilling from the inside-out). Next, we braided embroidery thread and we tied them onto the shells.

They are currently being used at the farm for carrying, feeding, holding water (blue roving) and as egg baskets.

These little eggs were made by my daughter with modeling beeswax. Both daughters have really been enjoying playing with their miniature creations.

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Amanda said...

Those are over the top cute! What fantastic ideas, thank you. By the way, I love that little purple creation that Ms Mouse is wearing!

W-S Wanderings said...

So sweet. The faeries would love these implements.

Stephanie said...

Oh, they're so sweet! :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the eggs from beeswax! Kerri

anna said...

These are so sweet. I love the little walnut shell basekts especially.