Thursday, September 9

Felt Trees and Puppets

I recently sewed some curtains for one of our play stands to make a puppet stage. This area now gets a lot of use with puppets and with the small standing animal figurines we have collected over time.

The trees were made on our craft day. I found this idea when looking on etsy and knew it would be easy enough for us to make together.

My youngest daughter and I made the apple tree which now sits at the nature table. Before sewing the two sides of the tree together, we used her small embroidery hoop to hold one piece of the tree while she sewed on the beads. I sat next to her and helped and she really loved it.

My oldest daughter made this tree the same way. I had cut out the little leaves and she sewed them on using the hoop. I then added a little stuffing and sewed the sides together later. It also sits at the nature table to remind us of the changing leaves outside.

Later I made these finger puppet birds for puppet play. This idea comes from the book Creative Play for your toddler toy projects for 2-4s

Next, I need to work on a better way to store our growing collection of puppets and puppet accessories. For now, we are enjoying lots of fun play.


MaryAnne said...

Very cute! I've had a puppet theater on my to-make list for a while - maybe I can get it done for Christmas this year?

Kristine said...

I love the trees. I've been trying to think of how to make trees for our playworlds. These would be great.