Wednesday, July 15

Toddler Activity: Water Jug

Another water activity for my toddler (going on 21 months now). I know some parents might cringe at the thought of giving their toddler a water activity, but I find water to be the least messiest. It wipes up easily, even cleans as it spills and clothes only need to be changed but don't get stained or dirty. Of course, this can always be done outside too.
The materials needed are shown, with the exception of an apron and a towel for under feet. The jug was prepared by cutting a large hole in the side of the jug and cutting off the top.

I filled the jug to almost the bottom of the side hole and demonstrated using the funnel by scooping water out from the bottom of the jug and pouring into the funnel at the top.

My daughter also experimented with removing the funnel, which worked just as well.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog for months now, and have never left a comment (I'm not sure why!). I just wanted to let you know I LOVE everything you share, and have gotten a lot of good ideas from you. I'll be using this water activity too - thank you!

Packer Family said...

So smart, so simple! Love it.

Kiy said...

I love love love your blog, and have bookmarked many ideas for us to try. I worked in a Montessori school about 15 years ago (admin) and always said I wanted Montessori schooling for my child(ren).

May I ask a question? We adopted our daughter at 9 months, she is now 29 months. Here is the question: How did you start with your kids? How do you introduce the ideas/concepts? I can't seem to get our little gal settled enough to listen, to explain what I am showing her. She just gets so excited at what she's seeing and wants to jump right in. Would you ever think about having a post for us beginners? I would love to see something like that as I feel I am struggling, but I know she'd love to do many of these. I think it's more me and my not knowing what/how I should be introducing.



Amy said...

Kiy, thanks for your comments. I have thought about doing some intro montessori posts. So, I will think on that and try to come up with something helpful- let me know if there are other specific questions you have.

As far as introducing a new lesson or is different for my 3 1/2 yr old than her younger sister. A 3yr old lessons starts with an invitation. "Amy, I would like to show you the water jug lesson" or if the child sees a new lesson on the shelf and asks "can you show me this?" The older child than goes with the adult, to the shelf. The adult names the lessons "this is the water jug lesson." They then take it to the table and the child watches the adult perform the lesson start to finish (and may help out during)until it is returned to the shelf. The adult then says "Thank you for the water jug lesson, you may use it whenever you wish."

When I show a new activity to my toddler it is far less formal due to her age and shortened attention span. She usually sees it on her shelf and starts touching it. I ask if she would like to see it, then we take it to the table, put on an apron and set up together. I say something like "watch mommy" and show how to scoop and pour two times because then she wants a turn. After that, any direction I give is usually touching the spout or tapping the container to indicate where something goes if she seems lost. Under 3yrs, I would just try to introduce something at a time the child is most receptive and calm- maybe have a routine of reading a book before starting into activities- then explain simply "Watch mommy" before demonstrating. The least amount of talking the better, and making movements very clear-not overly dramatic-but slow and clear will capture their attention. Model how to be quiet,thoughtful and deliberate while you set up and demonstrate it really sets a tone they pick up on. If you can demonstrate one or two times so she gets the idea (because their activities are so simple) that would probably be enough. Okay, hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad this is up! C'mon Amazing Mom! Thank you!

Jenn said...

I set this up for my daughter yesterday and she loved it! Thanks for the great idea.

leah said...

i just found your blog through crafty crow and i am so glad that i did. my oldest daughter is in her second year at a wonderful montessori school and my two year old is home with me. i am always looking for activities to do with her and this one she will love. i will be sure to check back soon!