Saturday, February 7

Montessori for the Youngest and Play

We haven't been in our Montessori room for a few days, but here is what we're up to in the rest of the house.

I just made this for my youngest daughter. Cubes/Squares are a good challenge for her right now. Sometimes she gets the cube in the square at first try other times it can take two or three. I always find the multi shape boxes sold in stores, too overwhelming for children. I think the Montessori method of one shape at a time works best.

I liked the idea of her feeling for the shape (peeking too perhaps) but to give the activity a sensory element. The box is taped together.

I always like tips from others about what toys they use and toys that last the test of time. Here's one of ours: I bought these Melissa and Doug ice cream cones awhile ago. Everyone loves them and they are used all the time. They are magnetic- on the cone and with the scoop. Lots of fun.

I just love seeing my children play. My oldest daughter (and maybe because she had time being an only child) will play for an hour easily without stopping. I love hearing the little voice making her dolls talk and the toys out and arranged in her special way. I think play is so important. At this young age I like the mix of structured activity with educational value (like our Montessori time) and a lengthy play time. I think they are equally important.


Becky said...

I love your cube sorter and the sensory aspect of it. I remember how frustrated my oldest was with our multi-shape sorter when she was a little tot.

I also agree that unstructured play is equally important as Montessori learning. But it seems you have prepared your home environment to be very orderly. I truly struggle with that. Sigh.

Packer Family said...

I've often thought the same thing about the multiple shape sorters being to hard! I like the idea of just one shape at a time. I'm going to make this for sure! I'll post when I do and link to you:)

Pecos Blue said...

Love your blog. Thank you for all the great ideas. We are trying your air, land and water this week. I will take photos and post later about it and feature your blog.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I really like all your toddler activities. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing new ideas on your pages. I will be one of your loyal followers. Lisa:)