Tuesday, November 22

Montessori: Cards and Counters and Odd and Even

Here are some photos of my daughter using the Montessori lessons Cards and Counters and Odd and Even. I thought I would include the lesson plans here for anyone wanting to use this with their children.

Cards and Counters is the first lesson presented. It allows the child to match number with numeral. It also serves as a visual introduction to the second lesson which focuses on naming what is Odd and what is Even.

I have seen this lesson presented different ways with some adults demonstrating using a single line under the numeral. I was taught to present having the counters in pairs from the start, because it prepares the child for the odd and even lesson to follow.

Purpose: To match number with numeral
Behavioral Objective: The child will be able to match the number with the numeral.

Preliminary Exercises: Number rods, Sandpaper Numerals, Spindle Boxes

Materials: 55 counters (pennies, pebbles, flatten marbles, etc. of all the same size and color and cards labeled with numerals 1-10

1. Invite the child for the lesson
2. Remove the lesson from the shelf and carry to the table or rug.
3. Sit on the child's right side.
4. Have the child set out the numeral cards in order left to right.
5. Pick up one counter and place it under 1 toward the left side.
6. One at a time place two counters under the 2, side by side.
7. One at a time place three counters under the 3, with two side by side and the third toward the left under the pair.
8. Invite the child to finish the rest.
9. Replace cards and counters to the shelf and thank the child for the lesson saying "Now you may use the cards and counters whenever you wish."

Control of Error: The child will have exactly enough to finish if counters are placed correctly.

Cards and Counters: Odd and Even

Purpose: To teach odd and even in numeral and number form.

Behavioral Objective: The child will be able to identify odd and even when requested by the teacher.

Preliminary Exercises: Success with Cards and Counters

Materials: 55 Counters all of the same color and size
Numeral cards with numerals 1-10

1. Invite the child for the lesson with odd and even.
2. Take the materials to the rug or table.
3. Sit to the right of the child.
4. Request the child set up the cards and counters.
5. After all of the counters are laid out, point to the single counter under numeral 1 and say "This is odd."
6. Point to the pair of counters at numeral 2 and say "This is even"
7. Point to the single counter at numeral 3 and say "This is odd"
8. Continue to 10 (the child usually likes to join in) making sure to point out the single or pair.
9. Request: "Show me odd."
10. Request: "Show me even" Continue 5 more times
11. Touch any amount of counters and ask "What do we call this?"
12. Repeat randomly 5 more times asking "What do we call this?
13. Together replace the materials to the shelf and thank the child for the lesson. Say: "Now you may use the odd and even lesson whenever you wish."

Control of Error: There will be enough counters to complete the lesson when used correctly and the counters will alternate odd and even demonstrated visually because the odd does not have a partner.


BebeMom said...

Thanks for sharing this lesson :)

joeyandaleethea said...

This is awesome, thank you! Just today my child was working with odd and even numbers on a Montessori iApp. Anyhow so I'm so happy to see this post! Also, can you tell me approximately what age this activity is geared towards? Thanks. :)

Amy said...

I'm glad it was helpful! It is presented in a 3-6 class. The prerequisite is knowing numbers and numerals 1-10. My daughter is in kindergarten. Typically the ages are 4-5 yrs old for the lesson. I am very conservative when it comes to early academics so I waited until my daughter was in kindergarten (6 yrs old) and she understood the concept very well, very easily.

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