Wednesday, November 9

Practice Tying: Fabric Scrap Leaves

My oldest daughter is learning to tie but not quite there yet and my youngest daughter is practicing the first stages of tying. This activity suited both of them well.

I have been wanting to make one of those knotted wreaths for awhile now, but still don't have enough fall fabric scraps to complete one, so for today we used strips of left over felt to make leaves on bare branches.

I made sure to cut the felt into long strips so they would be easy for tying. My oldest daughter set off tying on her own while I worked with my younger daughter. We just used the first steps of tying- crossing the ends, pushing one end under and through, and pulling both ends to tighten it to the branch. The repetitiveness of these steps helped my youngest daughter practice and be successful on her own.

We had just enough felt scraps to bring a little color to the branches, just like the trees outside.


Julie@teachinggoodeaters said...

Love this idea!! I'm making a "busy bucket" of activities for my niece for Christmas and I'm adding some fabric and this activity!!

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