Wednesday, November 30

An Article Worth Reading

The American Journal of Play has some great articles relating to children, child development and of course play. I wanted to pass along an article I found thought-provoking and a good read. The article is an interview with authors Hara Estroff Marano who writes for Psychology Today and author of A Nation of Wimps and Lenore Skenazy author of Free Range Kids and the popular Free Range Kids blog. Both woman candidly discuss their thoughts backed by research and experience on the issues of parental control, free play, over parenting, bullying, organized sports, parenting styles and parental fears.

The article is entitled Why Parents Should Stop Overprotecting Kids and Let Them Play- An Interview With Hara Estroff Marano and Lenore Skenazy. I found, that while I may not agree with all the thoughts presented (Home alone w/o a parent at age 7?) the article really encouraged me to evaluate my own parenting style and do some reflective thinking.

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