Wednesday, October 26

Using Songs and Rhymes With Children As Learning Tools

The use of songs:
One of the great tools Montessori education uses is the use of songs to help children learn and memorize. Simple words and a simple tune can work wonders for helping a child (or anyone for that matter) learn and remember information. The use of songs in the classroom also makes learning more natural and appealing for the child. For those not familiar with some of the songs used in a 3-6 age classroom there are: Land, Air and Water, The Continent Song, and a few of our own The Solar System, and The Four Seasons

The use of rhyme:
Another tool for helping a child remember and recall is through the use of rhyme. The child's brain, far different from the adult's intellectual brain, works with images and pictures. If given an image or picture to work with the child will naturally be more interested.

Most recently, and what prompted me to write this post, was my daughter feeling discouraged because she repeatedly confuses writing numerals 6 and 9 at school. To help her remember we made up a little rhyme: 9 stands tall but 6 took a fall. As soon as she said the rhyme she got it and was so happy. Giving my daughter an image to work with helped her remember which way the six went and which way the nine went without having to ask an adult.

Songs for Spelling:
When my oldest daughter turned 4 she wanted to learn to spell her name. Since both my daughters have names 7 letters long, I found the easiest way to teach the spelling of it was through song.

Using familiar tunes helps everyone remember easily. The songs are to the tune of familiar nursery songs. My oldest daughter's name song is to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

(Click on this You Tube link if the video here isn't working. It wasn't working for me at the time I posted this.)

My youngest daughter's name song is to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

My daughters loved having their own special name songs and enjoy singing them for anyone who asks "What is your name?" or "How do you spell your name."

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Stephanie said...

I did this to help my daughter remember her address! It is amazing what kids can learn with a song or a rhyme!