Wednesday, February 4

Land, Air and Water

I had been debating whether or not to buy the Montessori Land and Water globe. There are so many materials I want for our room, that it makes it difficult trying to decide . I had thought about trying to make one, but since I know it will be used for a sibling down the line, I ended up purchasing. For anyone not familiar with the globe, it is a small globe with the continents made of sandpaper and the water areas painted blue. It provides a sensory experience for the child as they feel the water and the land on the globe. A three -period lesson is given (1. This is land, This is water, 2. Show me land- Show me water, 3. What do we call this?) to name the parts. I, personally , never realized how much water there is verses land until I took Montessori training classes and felt the difference on the sandpaper globe. It is a wonderful learning tool.

The three elements lesson teaches the child that the earth is made three elements: land, air and water. Here is the three elements lesson. The containers hold: water, dirt(land), and air. After the child categorizes, she can turn over the cards to see if she is correct (this is the Control of Error: a Montessori term for the way the child can check for correctness w/o having to ask an adult)

Here is a video of my daughter singing the Land, Air and Water song used when we introduce the 3 Elements lesson. The Lyrics are as follows:
The Earth is made of land, air, and water
land, air and water,
land, air and water,
The Earth is made of land, air and water
Isn't nice to see?


Anna said...

At school we have a fabulous globe that is a sandpaper continents globe - maybe you could paint yours to match the continents. It saves having to buy another globe which is why we bought this one!

mommyme said...

That is a really good idea. I have never seen one before. Too bad I already got both.

Aimee said...

i'm starting to homeschool my son in a few month (18 month old) and I am wondering how to set up the furniture for his classroom. what have you found really useful and what's your overall paradigm for choosing materials/configuring the space?

thanks so much!


mommyme said...

hi Aimee, For a young age, like your son, one suggestion I would have is to make sure there is not too much on the shelves. I have read the suggested amount is two lessons per shelf, so that the child can easily put things back correctly. I would try to keep practical life on a separate shelf in an area away from lang/sensorial and other materials. I always put sensorial materials near the rug since they are used on the floor. Have a table near practical life. Have all cleaning materials easily accessible near the practical life area. When starting have more familiar activities than ones that require a lesson. Introduce new activities slowly. Focus on using the rug, returning activities to shelves and the general routine. How exciting for you both!! Have fun!!

Love Kpop said...

It seems I'm on the right track, I hope I can do well. The result was something I did and was doing to implement it.