Friday, October 28

Craft: Wool Roving Spider Webs and Beeswax Spiders

We made some creepy spiders and spider webs this week as we anticipate the upcoming Halloween holiday. It was a simple and fun crafting time.

To make the webs, we found sticks during our morning outside time. I tied two together in an X shape (ahead of time so they were already for using) with embroidery thread. The other material needed is wool roving. My daughters looped and strung the roving around the sticks making a very tangled web.

After the webs were finished they chose a color of beeswax for the spider's body. Taking a small amount they warmed it in their hands and shaped the body. We chose a color of pipe cleaner for the legs and cut it into 8 small pieces. The pipe cleaner legs were inserted into the beeswax.

Another very small amount of beeswax created the eyes. The legs can then be bent in the middle so the spider can stand. Being familiar with Charlotte's Web, my daughters decided the spider needed some egg sacks as well.

My oldest daughter came up with the idea to wrap up a piece of beeswax in roving because this spider had caught a fly!

The Halloween spiders greet visitors at our window.

Although I think they look more cute than scary!

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Kellie said...

Such a texture-rich project. I love it.