Monday, October 4

Fall Sensory Mystery Box

I put this fall sensory mystery box together with some objects we've found outside. The purpose of this mystery box is to provide a sensory experience through feeling each object's shape, texture, dimensions, and weight. This type of activity appeals to so many age levels and is fun to play. Aside from this, it is also helps in the development of the senses including muscular memory and helping the child to produce mental images of objects they have seen and touched.

In the past we've always used a small bag to hold the items, but I wanted to use a box this time and to make it a little more inviting I added a playsilk cloth. I cut a hole in a cardboard box and inserted the middle of the playsilk to create a pouch/bag to hold the objects. The rest of the cloth covered the outside of the box.

Before starting, we took out the contents, named, and touched each object. (I still need to get a gourd or mini pumpkin to add)

We then took turns reaching in, feeling the object, and naming what we thought it was before pulling it out. (A younger child may need to feel and pull out the object and then name what was found.) The mystery bag (or box) is a great traditional Montessori activity. It is easy to make and cost nothing to fill since it is best to use familiar objects from around the house or natural objects from the outside.


Michelle said...

I really, really like this twist on the sensory box!

Anonymous said...

Very neat.

Anonymous said...

I run a small montessori inspired preschool from my home. I recently came across your blog, and appreciate finding some new ideas. Thanks!

Olives and Pickles said...

great ideas!!thank you.

April's Homemaking said...

What a wonderful activity! I also enjoyed looking at your Halloween game ideas in the post below. How Fun!