Tuesday, September 28

Acorns and Pinecones

We recently found some acorns, which around here is a rare thing. Most of the area that we live in is surrounded by maple trees and between the squirrels finding them first and the fallen maple leaves covering them up we really have to search. Link
After finding the acorns we made two of these little fairies for our upcoming October nature table. This idea comes from the blog Twig and Toadstool

We also added the acorn caps to our painting time and we included some pinecones.

The acorn caps worked well. The pinecones were a little harder to get a print from, but were still fun.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely and cute idea. I am putting that in idea on my list. Thanks for sharing.

joelle said...

I do not comment often but I enjoy reading your blog. I have awarded you a sunshine award. You can pick it up @ http://homeschoolblogger.com/joelle/?p=784687.

Amy said...

Thanks for the comments and thanks for the award!