Wednesday, September 15

A Birthday Crown

We've got a birthday coming up this week. My oldest daughter is turning 5. Among other things part of our birthday tradition is having a birthday crown. Last year, I had made felt crowns for my daughters, which they loved and still wear all the time for dress up. This year, I thought it would be fun for my daughter to make her own crown.

I cut a piece of heavy watercolor paper into strips and used a white crayon to write names on the crowns (I knew my youngest would want one too and just maybe hers will last to October) Then they used watercolor paints to paint the crown. They loved seeing their names magically appear on the crown. My oldest daughter also enjoys using a dropper with the watercolors, which is what she is doing in this photo.

After she finished we let it dry and pieced it together to fit her head.

They both love the crowns. She will wear it for her birthday dinner, cake, presents and birthday ring celebration. We are all so excited. 5 is such a big number!


about a girl said...

We did this(minus the magic white crayon element)a little while back and then I taped on feathers that we had collected. My daughter loves to wear it, especially to dance in! I'm hoping to make her a felt crown for her birthday in October.
Happy Birthday to you daughter!

Love Kpop said...

I'm looking for a few bugs in my post. But I think I should have someone look and point out it.