Sunday, September 12

Storytelling: Moving Pictures

Because we have a weekly painting day, I have a collection of watercolor paintings from both my daughters. I used two of these paintings recently to create this moving picture used for play and storytelling. This idea comes from the book Creative Play for your toddler.

It was fun to create the picture and pretty simple. I used one painting to draw on with crayons and the other to cut and make the pieces. My daughters really enjoy moving the pieces. I have created a simple story that I tell them while setting the picture on my lap with my daughters sitting next to me. The first time I told a story I moved the pieces so they could see how they moved and how to move them with care.

The pieces move up and down and back and forth. This little bunny hops from the house to the garden to eat the carrots. I keep the picture on the refrigerator door where they can easily reach it. I have found my daughters like using the moving pieces and I like the fact that it is another way to incorporate storytelling into our play.

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I really like this idea. Please include my email address to get your blog. Thank you. Susan