Thursday, April 23

Traditional Montessori: Odds and Ends From This Week

Here are just of few of the traditional Montessori activities for a 3-6 year old environment that we have been working on this week.

The Mystery Bag. A set of 5 pairs of objects (geometric shapes). One set goes in the bag, the other set is left out. The child chooses a shape and holds it in her hand while the other hand feels for the match from the bag.

Color Tablets: Color Box #3 Grading Colors After the child can match colors and knows all the names of the the colors (Purple, blue, red... from box 1 & 2) the child grades one color at a time from darkest to lightest. We are still practicing this, as you can see =)

Knobbed Cylinders: There are four of these blocks, each contains 10 cylinders. They vary in dimension including height, width, depth. After the child is successful with one at a time, he can use two at a time, then three at a time, then four at a time and then work on them blindfolded!

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