Wednesday, April 22

Homemade for Toddlers

My youngest daughter is now 18 months. With both my children I found it challenging to find engaging toys for this age. To provide her with a new activity, I put this together. The wooden pieces came from a stringing beads activity we have. She has been using it often and since it cost me nothing to make, I consider it a success!


The Adventures of Bear said...

Very simple and easy, but fun at that age. My 20 month old would have loved this a few months ago, but now it would be too easy for her. Great idea that I am going to make for the next baby.
I'm linking it on my blog on a list of things I'd like to make.

Keri said...

so cute! i totally want to make one! will you send me the directions? and does your little one put the beads anywhere on the board or is there a certain order? SOOOOO cute!!!!!

mommyme said...

hi Keri- There is no pattern for the beads or nails on the board. I got the board from Walmart and hammered in some nails in random spaces. And, if you don't have large beads you could always use thread spools.