Saturday, April 25

Pumping Water: Toddler Activity

All that is needed for this activity is a used soap pump, a tub or large bowl and a towel for under the tub. Fill the pump container with water and place it in the bowl for the toddler to practice pumping with.

It took a little practice for my daughter to learn the pumping motion but she was successful. She used it for a few minutes, but not as long as the pouring activities, I think because it takes a lot of arm strength. Despite this, it's a keeper for her activity shelf, and I think as she develops more she will really enjoy it.


SurvivingByGrace said...

I am DELIGHTED to find this idea. I have discovered that anytime a child will not leave something alone, it is time to use their curiosity for education. The pump action of lotion and soap bottles is an enormous attraction for my 2 year old. So after reading your post, we shall be putting our empty soap bottle to good use in a practical life exercise!

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Great idea. This week Tilly started trying to use our bathroom pump soap, so this will be a great activity to have so she can practice. Thanks.