Sunday, April 19

Sink or Float with Nature

Sink or Float (age 3-6)

Like most children, my daughter loves to collect things from the outside. Since our nature table is a little full at the moment, anything she brings inside is used for the sink and float lesson. I am sure we will be testing leaves, sticks, flowers and more (only one rule: no insects!)


SurvivingByGrace said...

Love it! What do you do with the items after they're dunked? My kids have a tendency to bring in nature items and then put them in places they should not be - like jewelry boxes. And the next thing I know, we have weird mold issues. I don't want to dampen their love of nature.

Erin said...

This is my favorite segment on David Letterman.. ha! I love their catchy little jingle and they have tricky ones that I have a difficult time figuring out.

I'll have to try this at home with my boys. :)

mommyme said...

After they are removed from the water they are put on the towel and objects like the rocks can be dried. Then they are put back in the containers. I have been checking them and if they are in need of being removed,like the pine cones, I just take them out. Erin- I too, like the David Letterman version. It is so funny!

Montessori Mama said...

I love this and so many other of your wonderful ideas! thank you
Happy Earth Day