Thursday, April 16

Folding Clothes

This is the first lesson I put out for folding clothes. We have had practice and are very successful folding facecloths into halves and quarters, so now I have introduced folding pants.

The pants are taken out and unfolded one at a time.

Then they are folded one at a time and put back into the suitcase.

After success with the pants, I will keep one pair of pants and add socks. Eventually, this lesson will be "Packing an Overnight Bag for Grandparent's House" and will also include a shirt, pajamas, undergarments, teddy bear and toothbrush.


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

great idea! We are about to start just folding napkins as we are at the beginning process. Love this idea for down the track. Clear, simple and practical. Perfect. (:

Anonymous said...

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Melissa Solomon said...

Stopping by to say Hello, and to let you know this activity has been featured over at Daycare Spaces and Ideas-on our Spring Cleaning Theme page!