Tuesday, April 21

Making Bubbles With A Sponge

Making Bubbles With A Sponge (3-6 yrs)

The bowl is filled to the line. One dropper full of soap is added to the water. The sponge is placed in the bowl and squeezed repeatedly to make the bubbles. The cloth is used for wiping up spills and drying the bowl when finished.

An apron is used because of the large amount of water used. It didn't take long for the bubbles to appear and my daughter thought this was lots of fun. This activity is great for strengthening the hand muscles*.

*Many of the practical life skills lessons develop hand muscles and hand strength. During my internship I became aware of the importance of these activities when a new student I was working with stopped in the middle of a pouring exercise and said "My hands are tired." It was true. The child's hand were not as developed or as strong because he had not used them in these ways. Developing the hand will greatly help the child in many ways especially as he/she learns to use a pencil.

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My Child's Diary said...

Interesting idea for the sponge squeezing activity! Thank you for sharing!