Sunday, March 29

Bottles and Cork Stoppers

Bottles and Cork Stoppers- When I put this activity out, the corks are in the basket. Choose one cork and thoughtfully hold it over each bottle opening until a fit is found. Continue until all the corks are used. One point of interest for this activity (as well as for demonstrating an open/close lesson with twist caps) is to make sure to demonstrate with one hand holding the bottle on the tray or table, not in the air, when putting in or removing the stopper (or in other cases, twisting on/off a cap). My daughter (3 1/3 yrs.) enjoyed this lesson. Control of Error: The stopper will stick up too high if it is too large or the stopper will fall into the bottle if it is too small.


Erin said...

Neat idea! :)

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

My daughter loves this too. Though she is only 20mths so we have just one bottle with a cork (been meaning to post it up!) and it makes a lovely 'pop' sound when it lifts. (:

While be a while until we do more bottles. But will keep this activity in mind when we do.

thanks once again.