Tuesday, March 24

Transfer With Tongs and Traditional Montessori

This is a new lesson out this week. Sorting and Transferring With Tongs.

Tweezers would have also worked well, since the fruits have stems, but we are not yet ready for tweezers.

The Knobless Cylinders are a traditional Montessori work. They can be used vertically and horizontally and provide excellent visual discrimination practice and order.

The red cylinder at the very top provides a good challenge.


Erin said...

We have been using transferring tongs around here lately too and my littlest one thought it would be funny to pinch my butt with them today. What is it with boys?? Do they just come out of the womb made this way? Lol.. they sure don't get it from me, is all I know. Must be the papa panda.

Btw.. I love your seasonal nature display to the right. I just set up a bookcase in the living room for some of our homemade Montessori materials and I was trying to figure out what to put on top of it without adding to the clutter. I think this might just be the perfect solution! Thank you. :)

jk said...

Wonderful! Looking through your recent posts, it is so hard to believe that in a short 6 months my 11 month old will be experimenting with water transfer with a scoop! Wow! They get bog so quickly...

The Ortega's said...

Hello!! I love your blog and all the Montessori activity ideas for younger toddlers. Like others, I have a hard time finding ideas geared towards the younger ones. I have just started learning about this method for my two 19 month old boys. Thanks so much!!!

lilpenguin said...

just found your blog and will now be following it.

do you mind sharing where you found the 'fruit' for your transfer activity?