Monday, March 30

Using a Sieve

Practical Life skills for children ages 3-6: Using a Sieve

The solids used in this lesson are cornmeal and barley. They work very well with this sieve, which came from Montessori Services. I also put a sponge on the tray (not shown) which is used for clean up.

Begin by pouring the barley into the bowl of cornmeal. Mix them together using the spoon.
*I must say, I was so glad to find a way to incorporate stirring. My daughter loves to stir, and wants to all the time when she is in the kitchen with me. However, she could definitely use some practice.

Spoon a small amount into the sieve. Point of interest: Making sure to demonstrate holding the sieve over the bowl.

I initially presented the use of the sieve by gently shaking it side to side. However, my daughter ended up shaking it more up and down. I found, the easiest way for the child is to have the dominate hand hold the sieve, and gently tap the sieve against the other hand over the bowl. The cornmeal and barley separate.

Using the sieve, slowly pour the barley back into the other bowl. Control of Error: The barley and cornmeal will be separate and the tray will be clean.


Adventures in Montessori said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for two awards. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas.

Super Random Girl said...

Love this activity. What a great idea, thank you!

Amber said...

What a simple but really wonderful PL activity. You demonstrated it so well. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely set this up (only wishing we had that cute little sieve :)

The Speece Family said...

We did land/water forms today. I saw it on your blog first, so I linked to you today . . . thanks!

Jamie said...

Its amazing how simple ideas can be so beautiful