Tuesday, December 16

Two for One!

Lesson 1: Without the lid the child can hide the animals in the jar, then reach in and feel for them. I photocopied the animals and laminated them into cards. The child then matches the animal to the card.
Lesson #2: "I spy" Put the lid on the jar and the child gently rolls it back and forth on a rug. When the child spies the animal in the jar, the card is turned over.


rainbowmummy said...

Oh I LOVE IT. (Though only number 2 for my crazy child, lol, posibly with a very tight lid!!)

I am thinking of so many variation of this, thanks so much!

The Krazy Girl said...

I have recently started watching some Montessori blogs. I think you ladies do the neatest projects with your kids:) I can't wait to see more.