Tuesday, December 23

Sensorial Extensions

The Sensorial materials are wonderful. They teach so much and it is genius of Dr. Montessori to create them so that they can be combined to further extend learning and creativity. Now that we've mastered building the tower and brown stair separately, I noticed there hasn't been as much interest in them.

I have drawn (and laminated) only some of the extensions for use as inspiration and a guide- with more to come- as well as some for the red rods ( Yes, I know I could photo them but I think I prefer the drawings). While on the subject of the Brown Stair, one activity my daughter really enjoyed was gently rolling a marble down the stairs- a great activity also acting as a control of error.

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Amber said...

Hi :)
I'm really enjoying reading through your blog.
I am wanting to set up our Montessori area with some 'real' Montessori materials & am wondering about these 'major purchases' (the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs as well as the 4 Knobbed Cylinders) and wondering about their value. While I know that they are essential in the Montessori classroom I am wondering if I could use something 'similar' in the home to save the expense (Eg. Nesting Blocks).

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)