Wednesday, January 7

Whose Tracks are These? Game

Because there is a lot of snow at our house, we still talk about animal tracks a lot. I made up this game so that we could have more fun with tracks inside. First, we name the animal and make the foot imprints in the sand, one at a time for each animal. (Gently slide the plate on the table to clear each track.) After all the animals are named and prints made, we play the game. One person closes their eyes while the other chooses an animal and makes a line of tracks in the sand. The animal is returned to the group and the person guesses which animal made the tracks. To check if it is correct, (control of error) we make an imprint next to the tracks and compare. Is it a match? We noticed how many feet were in the set of tracks, if a tail dragged, and the size and shape. It really was a lot of fun!


Packer Family said...

I love it! What a fun game!

Koko's mama said...

I just found your blog via itty bitty love and I am so enjoying it. I also love the fact that our kids are around the same age!

Peterson Party said...

What a great idea!