Monday, December 8

Animal Track Cards

I brought these out last week because we've started having snow and when we are outside we always look for tracks. I originally photo copied the tracks from another lesson and made the cards by finding pictures in magazines and laminating. We lay out the large tracks with pictures and name the animals, then find the smaller set and match it to the picture cards. One day we made our own foot print tracks on paper with paint, I cut one out and added it with a picture of my daughter to the lesson. Now we have human "tracks" as well.

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Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Thanks SOOOO much mommyme for the comments on my blog. Will definitely have a go at making the sandpaper letters. The knock knock idea is great too. I can see that being a big hit. Id love to hear of any other books you can suggest for getting started. One day Id love to do an actual course, but for now books are my teachers - and other like yourself. (:

ALSO - love the animal tracks idea. My little girl is very into our local bird life (at 16 mths she can idenify more bird calls than I can!) so I am going to collect feathers and do a similar activity to your animal tracks. Great idea.

Thanks once again. (: