Monday, January 28

Reusable Sticker Fun

I was going through our "quiet bag" (our bag holding quiet activities for my daughters to use when we are out and at appointments or whenever they need to sit quietly), and noticed that our reusable stickers were quite the mess.  My daughters love stickers and reusable stickers, and I've found they really like all of the Melissa and Doug sticker and reusable sticker books.


My daughter enjoyed putting the reusable stickers on the sliding door on this cold and snowy day.  It was kind of like a giant flannel board!

I am keeping a set of the stickers in a box for use on the sliding door, because after all, it's nice to have some quiet play in the house too!


Cling Stickers said...

Walls sticker are the within thing now for quick decoration which can enhance any area within the kids room if these kind of stickers apply on glass walls or glass windows.

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