Sunday, January 27

Making A Beeswax Window Ornament

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to decorate windows.  I just ordered a book for making those beautiful Waldorf window stars, but in the meantime I just couldn't help myself trying my hand at some beeswax window ornaments too.

 In the past I have made small beeswax ornaments using plastic soap molds and melted wax and using our large cookie molds was a similar process.

I had found these shortbread cookie molds at goodwill last year.  We baked with them first, but my girls never really like the cookies we made with them.  Later, we used them for paper molds found here.   Here is a photo of what I needed to make the ornaments, while my daughters watched.  I started by lightly spraying the cookie molds with cooking spray and then wiping off the excess.  I also cut two lengths of string that would be used for hanging.

The beeswax won't come off of utensils and pans used for the process so I was sure not use anything I didn't mind being covered with wax.  I found the best way to melt the wax, in this case, was a tin can in a pan of water with the beeswax inside the can.  When I was finished melting, the can was recycled and the pan remained free of wax.  I used a plastic spoon to stir the wax inside the can.

After the wax melted on the stove, I poured it into the molds and added the string.  They cooled pretty quickly and came out of the molds easily.

I love the glow of the wax and the smell of these ornaments.  And now we are enjoying our beautiful ornaments in many windows of the house!


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