Monday, January 7

Recently Added Playroom Decor

Recently added to the playroom:  a dowel that sits between the two playroom windows for hanging crafts and decorations and a mason jar hanging vase.  Both additions will make it easier to change things around seasonally.

The seasonal nature table has been moved to the window ledge.  The gnomes were made from a giant wooden peg person, felt and wool.

The fall banner has been changed out for a new seasonal winter banner.

We have hand drawn cards for each of the daily activities- craft day, painting day, baking day. playdough day, and drawing day. Easy to rotate and helpful for remembering what day it is.

Lastly, a little color for the windows with these capri shell wind chimes.  


Lynn said...

I like your wall vase above your nature table. We just changed our nature table over to a winter scene, and I am sure it will become full of twigs and pebbles from our walks outside soon.

Annette said...

I'd love to know where you bought/how you made that vase as well! Also, where did you find the giant peg people?

noelle said...

yes, i'd also love to know if you made that mason jar hanging vase.

Amy said...

The vase tutorial is on a board of my on pinterest. The one change in mine is I used wire. Basically, I found a plaque at walmart, stained it, and drilled two holes, close together in the middle. I bought some wire and looped it around the jar (twice) and secured it in the back by twisting! Very easy.

The peg people came from my mom who found a bunch of them at a discount craft supply store (not sure where) I believe they are supposed to be knob tops for some kind of furniture (maybe google wood finials) but we always used them as peg people.

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