Saturday, January 12

Children's First Sewing Projects

When Grandpa asked what my daughters wanted for Christmas they both said "a sewing machine."  My daughters were so excited when they received the gift and have been asking every since, for sewing projects.  After discussion on safety, some practice just using the foot pedal and sewing a straight line, they were ready to start.

I closely supervise them, of course, but they have been extremely responsible and careful and take their sewing seriously.  We started with two projects using felt.  I like using felt because it is easier to cut, has a finished looking edge, great colors, and the thickness seems to help.

We made a simple felt heart mobile which involved cutting out heart shapes and sewing one after another.

The mobiles only took a few minutes to sew and make a great valentine decoration.

The second project was a valentine bag.  I cut out two squares and a handle, and two hearts.  We sewed the hearts on one square first, then sewed the handle on and finished by sewing the bag together.

I'm sure they will be doing many more sewing projects in the future, they love it.


Erin D said...

They did a beautiful job! Can't wait to see future projects.

Umm Safiya said...

That is so cute - I love it.

My daughter has been begging me to try the sewing machine. Maybe something like this would be perfect :-)

dora said...

wonderful effect! Thank you for sharing and wishing the girls of many good hours of pleasant sewing.

Therese said...

I'm a terrible seamstress but I want to share what I do know with my girl...I found this post on a random google search and it is PERFECT, even the valentine's bag. You're the kind of mom I want to be. And have no hope of being.

kevin styris said...

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