Thursday, May 17

Summer Flags (Revisited)

Well, it's not quite summer, but close enough for us to make our summer flags.  My daughters had so much fun last year making and having these flags to use that we had to make them again.  This time, instead of kool aid, we used Easter egg dyes that I purchased on sale after Easter.

I prepared the dyes with hot water and vinegar.  Each end was dipped into the dye for a few minutes.

                                      Lastly, the middle was dipped into the dye.

                                 I rinsed the flags out with cool water and we hung them to dry.

Using last year's dowel, we assembled the flag and it was ready to fly.

My daughter's love running around carrying the flag and standing still swinging it back and forth because it makes an impressive "flag rippling" noise.

Last year, we left them outside all summer long but discovered the sun faded them quickly that way.  This year we will put them in the garden shed along with the other outside toys, so the colors will last longer.  This brick makes a handy little stand to hold them when they're not in use.

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