Wednesday, May 9

May Nature Table Crafts

It is so exciting to see nature blooming outside with all the beautiful colors.  It seems like each day there is something new to look at, something beautiful to admire.  Right now we are enjoying the pink blossoms on the apple tree.   When we moved to our house, 5 years ago, I was so happy to have a tree in the backyard.  Not only does it provide shade for the sandbox on a hot summer day, it houses bird nests, and holds our swing (and occasionally a daring climber). We appreciate and anticipate the tree's appearance throughout the changing seasons, always a beautiful reminder of cycles and change.

Inside, we've made some new decorations for the nature table.  I cut out some felt leaves and flowers that were easily strung with thread and a needle to make a spring garland.

At the top of the nature table is some cut "paper grass".  We colored strips of white paper, green.  Then we folded the paper accordion style and cut a fringe to make the grass.  Flowers were also drawn in the grass.  I think the only thing we need now are some little eggs!  With all that chirping outside, we may just be lucky enough to come across some robin eggshells outside.

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jk said...

I love the idea of making a garland such as this!! Beautiful and decorative...