Thursday, April 26

Drawing: Free Drawing and Form Drawing

A new addition to our drawing materials is a set of oil pastels and pastel paper.  My daughters have been using them every so often on drawing day and have enjoyed this new medium.  Originally, I purchased them because I liked the idea of blending and smudging to create new colors.

The pastels draw well, with bright colors and a smooth application.   They aren't too messy either.  We've found they are a nice change from crayons, markers and pencils every once and awhile.

In other news, my oldest daughter (6 1/2 yrs) has started form drawing.  I purchased Form Drawing for Beginners, by Donna Simmons because I actually know very little about this Waldorf method.  Form drawing is a therapeutic art, which among other things, helps the child improve and prepare for handwriting.

My daughter has really taken to it, she loves it and requests time to work on it.

The images beginning with straight lines and curves later move to running forms and then spirals.  They are very simple and are practiced several times, in the air, on large paper and then on smaller paper.  I like the way each form encourages slow, careful and deliberate movements.  Each form is structured and organized in a way that allows the drawer to focus and reflect requiring a peaceful environment- which is always a good thing.

I use an easel to draw the form and she stands and draws it in the air, on large paper, and later in her drawing journal.  We've also started coloring boarders around the work, in the traditional Waldorf fashion.   My forms aren't perfect and it is harder than it looks.  I always seem to find something that can be improved in each one, but it is fun having a challenge like that.

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