Thursday, March 15

Wool Roving Spring Crocus Craft

In a very sheltered and sunny spot next to our house, we have our very first spring crocuses. We planted them last fall in hopes of seeing them as a first sign of spring. Now we look at them everyday and know true spring is just around the corner.

These crocus flowers were made out of purple and gold wool roving and a pipe cleaner. They were super easy and fun and only took a few minutes.

We started by taking a small amount of roving and wet felting it with warm water and a little soap. The roving was placed into a bowl with just a puddle of water and a few drops of soap. We were careful to keep it flat and folded in thin edges. We agitated it for 4-5 minutes by poking it with fingertips, rubbing it back and forth, and rubbing it between our fingertips. Once we achieved a felted look we laid it out on a towel and patted it dry.

Next it was folded in half.

And, folded again.

And lastly, I held it while my daughter wrapped half a pipe cleaner around the base.

Now they sit atop the nature table as another reminder of the changing season.

{A spring poem}

"The golden crocus reaches up. To catch a sunbeam in her cup."

-Walter Crane


Mama Goose said...

We will be making one of those! Maybe even this very afternoon. It is the perfect simple little felting craft for the littlest ones. I have been wanting ds to do a bit of felting. Plus, we saw some crocuses on our nature walk! So it fits.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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