Wednesday, March 7

Craft: March Lambs

With today's beautiful weather melting a lot of the snow around here, it reminded me of the saying "March; in like a lion, out like a lamb." To celebrate this lamb of a day, we made some of our own lambs for the nature table using just a few supplies.

I freehand cut some lamb shapes out of cardstock. My daughters drew faces, colored the legs, and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped white yarn around the middle of the body.

Wrapping gently and not very tightly, the lambs fleece became thick. All this wrapping led to spontaneous singing of all the verses of Mary Had a Little Lamb which they learned from this well liked book.

After the wrapping was complete, I tucked in the ends of the yarn and they glued on the eyes. Now our little lambs sit on the nature table, a flock of 5 total after all was said and done!


My Boys' Teacher said...

LOVE the look of concentration on the youngest girl's face. Fun project!

mermaid said...

Oh how lovely lambs!

Burcu said...

thanks for sharing the lovely lambs, we tried it and it was much loved by my daughter as well.