Wednesday, February 1

Recent Craftiness

We've tried out some new crafts that I thought I would share. There is just something about the winter that makes one want to stay inside and get creative. It is always fun to try something new too, especially when it works as planned.

The nature stand has newly made beeswax hearts. This was a new try for me, as I've never made beeswax ornaments. I used soap molds for the hearts. It really is so easy that I am on the lookout for some more molds. Any suggestions?

We made these hanging door handle hearts. I planned it for our craft day. It required more one-on-one from me than I had thought it would, but they are lovely to see hanging on doors throughout the house.

Decorative snow people are added to our winter decor. I searched online for a tutorial after a pair of my daughter's tights got a hole. Somehow I've misplaced the buttons, which I planned to use for eyes, but they look just as cute without.

These Hankie Holders are especially handy now that have a round of colds this week. We each made one. A quick, easy and useful craft.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Matthew is really into "hand sewing", as he calls it, right now and I think he will LOVE making those little tissue holders. Thanks for a wonderful idea!

I am in love with those snowmen. I might just go buy a pair of tights for the purpose!

And you've inspired me to start up with beeswax, which is something I've wanted to do on and off but never could make up my mind. I love those hearts! Love the little felt garland you made too!

Amy said...

Thanks Nicole. The tutorial for the snowman actually uses a sock, so you may not even need to buy anything.-assuming you have an extra sock or two.