Saturday, February 4

Mossy Mini Playscape

I recently created a mini playscape for my daughters. I was at the fabric store (Jo-Ann's) when I came across a set of mini animals and the moss. When I spied the gnome I knew he would be the perfect addition for a little woodland playscape.

The little guy is standing next to his camp fire, a battery operated tea light which I hot glued rocks onto.

I used a bottle stopper, painted red and white, to create a colorful toadstool. The rocks around the base help make it more stable.

Some roving and small dowels made a teepee house. (However, it didn't last long in the hands of my 4 year old-too fragile).

Walnut shells and pinecones make a great addition. I created little dens for the playscape using half a pipe cleaner to hold up the moss.

Blue wool roving, pebbles and a rock help create the stream. A milkweed pod makes a nice bed or boat.

Both my daughters are enjoying playing with scene and I had too much fun creating it. If your interested in more ideas, I added a new board to my pinterest- mini playscapes and play sets.


Karfen said...

Wow! That is so awesome! What a wonderful idea . . . I will bookmark this. Thanks for sharing!

Cris said...

What a cute idea!! I love the cave. I've just pinned it. Thanks for sharing.

TwosTimesTwelve said...

This looks amazing I love the idea of a moss tray, I cant wait till spring to give this a try!