Thursday, October 13

On our activity shelf

I thought I would share what I put out at the beginning of this week for my daughter to use. Most of it has been seen before on this blog, long ago, but the activities must be favorites because they've been well used.

Water and food color mixing is always fun. A drop of red and a drop of blue soon become purple! It is like magic every time. There is also room on the ice cube tray for experimentation which has happened more than once. I loved hearing my daughter say to herself out loud "I wonder what happens if you mix them all?" and then watching from a distance as she found out the answer.

Sewing a pumpkin. I drew a circle on the burlap and provided a vey dull needle.

Leaf rubbing using the pressed leaves we collect on walks. I leave a stack of papers on the tray so all my daughter has to do is lift one up, place the leaf down, and put the paper on top. The crayon rocks work well for this.

The results: Almost as pretty as what we have outside and have been enjoyed these past few weeks.

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