Tuesday, October 18

Hidden Pictures and a Magnifying Glass

Out on the shelf this week are some hidden pictures and the magnifying glass. I found some hidden pictures online (two from here). They work very well with the magnifying glass for both helping to find the hidden picture and for practicing how to use a magnifying glass. (I demonstrated first on how to hold it.) On the left side of the picture, I drew out what and how many the written directions dictate to find, so that my daughter wouldn't be dependent on me to keep repeating the information. What I've learned: Hidden pictures are fun; Magnifying glasses are fun; Hidden pictures with a magnifying glass are really fun!


kappachi said...

Thanks for writing this blog! I'm a stay at home mom and have a two year old who i am looking to do Montessori activities with. You have given me so many fantastic ideas. Keep posting please!

alex said...

Magnifying glasses is really helpful when you have vision problem.