Wednesday, April 6

Handmade Gifts

I recently mailed out a gift box for my sister and her six month old baby. Included were a few of the handmade gifts we've been making lately. The frame includes a wet felted picture from my oldest daughter (crocus flowers), some ankle bells for an upcoming walking stage (found here), a rolling wooden car to encourage movement, and mini play silk for playing peek-a-boo.

I also framed our other wet felted pictures my daughters made. On the left is a Sunset (to be given later this year) and on the right is a picture of Daffodils (for another someone special soon).

While my daughters wet felted pictures I needle felted this picture to keep in our home (my first ever). The glass that came with the frame had broke but it came out better not having the glass and being more of a softer three dimensional picture. My daughters love to feel the picture and touch the flowers.


Stephanie said...

Thise are SO cool! How did you wet felt the pictures? I think my kiddos would love to do it! They are beautiful!

The Fambros said...

How lovely! the cuff is definitely going in my "go to" list for baby gifts. Did you make the little car as well? If so what paint did you use?

Amy said...

The tutorial for wet felting is found at (also I posted a link a few posts ago) It is really fun. The child just creates the picture with the roving, you then put it in a sandwich bag with warm soapy water and squish it around, rinse clean and air dry.

I didn't make the car (it came from Nova Natural Toys and Crafts- so it is someone else's handmade!) I also made some of the ankle bell cuffs for my daughters and they love them too. Thanks for your comments!