Thursday, March 31

1 is One- A Counting Book

I enjoy Tasha Tudor's work and books. We have her book 1 is One. It is wonderfully illustrated book mixing numerals and artwork for the numbers one through twenty.

The illustrations alternate black and white and colored. The pages also rhyme, making it fun to read as well as look through.

What I really like is the way the book inspires creativity with numbers. Most books seem to end at ten, but this book goes up to twenty, with each page just as interesting as the next. After reading the book to my daughter a few times I thought it would fun to make our own 1 is One book. I used heavy drawing paper and tied it together. The first day she decorated the cover.

We are now about halfway through, and work on it a page at a time whenever she wants to. To start, we read her previous work (pages) and she tells me what number is next. We practice writing the numeral on a little chalkboard and then she writes it on the page.

I then say "8 is eight..." and she says the rest while I write it down. It has been fun making the book and my daughter really enjoys looking through her work and reading it to me or having me read it to her. It will be interesting to see what she comes up as the numbers increase. The words in the book really lend themselves to creative thought.


Anonymous said...

My number loving boy would love "1 is One"! The number book and chalkboard writing to go along is a lovely gentle learning activity. Are you still using your Montessori math materials?

Amy said...

We have done a lot with the beads- short bead stair and using the beads to create amounts/ numbers but haven't done any teen boards (the numerals). She loves to count and does it well but isn't very interested in learning how to write numerals and what they look like. I thought the book would be a good way to maybe spark some interest in more than just counting.

Heather said...

I love this idea!
I just picked up that book at a thrift store! Thanks for sharing :)

Renelle said...

I absolutely love your crafts and ideas, your blog is inspiring. So much so I just bought the Tasha Tudor books A is for Annabelle and I is for One! I also bought our first peice of wool felting to try our hands at a craft for easter. Thank you Amy
Blessings, Renelle